Metal Froyo


What is MetalFroyo? Well, in the short amount of time when the first member with a Liquid Metal dumped their boot/system/recovery partitions on Modaco, the CDT got busy making this work with the liquid/E. It has now evolved into an efficient, streamlined, ready-for-everyday-use ROM.

Who Works on Metal Froyo?

The ROM made it to version 2 based primarily on Dario's work, and soon thereafter, Harness joined the CDT and began working on the ROM as well, enabling more work to be done, and more fixes to be created (as well as one primetime release) in a lesser amount of time.

Can I…

Have a feature implemented?

Maybe! Private message Harness or Dario93 at Modaco.

Have a beta?

If we haven't asked for beta testers that means we don't need them, or there is no beta release to be tested at the moment! Stay tuned here and (more so) at our offical topic at Modaco.

Join the development?

Sure! How do you think you can help? Private message Dario93 @ Modaco.