Hi everyone,

This is the official site of Community Dev Team!

Here you can get updates from members and community,so stay tuned! Remember that this site is still a WORK IN PROGRESS


25/07/2011: CDTeam is back again to bring back to life the best ROMs for Acer Liquid!! Stay tuned for updates on MoDaCo,very very soon final ROMs coming! :D

11/03/2011: CDTeam needs you! If you are a developer or you have cooking experience,we need you to get CDTeam back on the road ;) So just contact us @ MoDaCo or send me a message,even here on wikidot! Also beta testers are welcome :)
10/02: CDTeam is back! :D FroyoMetal id again a WIP :) If you want to apply to join the team, just send us an email/ PM!
02/01: A V3 Beta is ready,thanks to Harness. Now,fixing latest things in Apps2SD and adding swap :D
29/12: roggin managed to fix wifi in GingerBread CyanogenMod!! :D
20/12: koudelka joined CDTeam!! Moreover, Andrea and roggin are working on Gingerbread for liquid.

FroYoMetal news: Got nandroid working with malez recovery,got faster boot in lite version,unlocked market by default. Now working on sensitivity script :)

17/12: Still receiving feedback from users, here other changes of coming soon V3.0: ext2 partition support, possibility to OC (even it will break headphones detection), stock bootanim,lots of goodies ;)
09/12: In next release coming : Working DSP Manager,Unlocked Market by default
09/12: Released fix for the Calendar app
08/12: Released fix to add the "Silent" ringtone to Gtalk
06/12: Harness is working on Dolby and minor issues of FroYoMetal ROM ;)
05/12: Working on OverClock for the FroYoMetal ROM,while you're waiting for OC support,I released on Froyometal thread a modded bootimg that should support the ext2 partition on your SD card,so that you can use Apps2SD with Malez Recovery.
05/12: One beta-tester recruited! There's one more space left in the team for a tester,so if you want to join,PM us on MoDaCo ;)
November news: Andrea and roggin are working on a proximity/light sensor fix for AuraxTSense for Liquid